I finished reading your book last night.  It’s really terrific as your stories are engaging, thought provoking and incredibly supportive of your beloved family and many incredible colleagues.  Of course, reading about the “lessons learned” from dealing with failure as well as great success underscore your great credibility as a leader and a wonderful, loving human being.   I smiled when you told the stories of John Skinner and Joe Choenkia as I know that each are (were) important colleagues and friends of yours.  I found your memories of your early days in Cherry Hill to be both instructive for any young person, but also quite touching as you made many tough choices to insure your own personal success.  Finally, there is no doubt that your wife, Rose and your children are near and dear to you.  I also respect how you wrote of your family losses and again, it reminded me, the reader,   that the Hamm Rules are designed to address both challenges and an important personal vision!

Congratulations on your very impressive book.  I hope that it creates opportunities for you to go on the public speaking circuit through colleges such as Coppin as well as create other media opportunities as you are clearly an important role model for young people in America.  I definitely look forward to seeing you in late October as I’d like to see how I might assist with your marketing effort.

With very best wishes and many thanks for sharing your life with me both as a great friend and a great leader!Jimmy